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For Your Evanston Portrait Photography

If you have been searching the area for the best evanston portrait photography, your search can stop here. You have found Standing Wave Photography.


Standing Wave is right here in Evanston (just North of Chicago,) and is owned and operated by Lucy Elam, professional photographer. She is a portrait photographer that gives the best-of-the-best headshots and family portraits.

Headshots For Actors and Musicians

When booking gigs, it is essential to include photos and headshots.


Actors need to show off their characters and emotional-range.


Bands and musicians need marketing that reflects their personalities in their portrait photography.

Corporate / Business Portraits

If you are looking for business headshots, contact today to set up an appointment.


Update the portraits of your team members on your website and in your flyers. It’s convenient to find someone local to update your business photos regularly. Use Standing Wave photography to keep your portrait photographs uniform across all your marketing and advertising.

Family Portrait Photography

Standing Wave Photography would like to be your family photographer. We take pride in watching how much your family changes throughout the years with our annual family portrait photos.


We shoot our photos in high resolution so that even a 9-member family can be enlarged to show the detail on everyone’s faces.

What Is So Special About

Standing Wave’s Evanston Portrait Photography?

At Standing Wave we like to think of a portrait as an optical illusion where time stands still for just a moment – the millisecond the photo was taken. The light waves bounce perfectly between the lens and the subject and for that very instant everything is simpatico.
camera used for Evanston Portrait Photography
That’s what makes our photos different – We take the time to pay attention to our subjects and capturing their true essence.
We use time-tested photography practices and know exactly what it takes to ensure perfect lighting, evenly-lit backgrounds, balance, and composition.
With Standing Wave Photography, you can make sure you capture your special moments perfectly. For your next portrait consider including your favorite items such as your child’s team uniform, bat and mitt. Display your acting persona in your best fedora. Bring your beloved instrument in for your professional headshot.

Hair & Makeup Service Available Upon Request

At Standing Wave Photography, we work closely with local stylish and beauticians to accentuate your best features. These services are reasonably prices and available upon request.