LinkedIn Portraits by Standing Wave Photography

LinkedIn Portraits

There are so many different social media platforms to keep up with, but the one most recognized and used for professional purposes is LinkedIn. A LinkedIn portrait is often a first impression for an employer, a client, or a talent scout.


We offer professional headshots at Standing Wave Photography to make your portrait stand out and look sharp.

There are over 400 million business professionals looking to connect on LinkedIn.

One of the first things a person will do when meeting a person professionally or personally, is an internet search to find their most commonly used profiles. You want to look your best online.



Your portrait should reflect you, your profession, and your experience. If your LinkedIn portrait is a photograph taken decades ago, it may turn away a potential employer, customer, or a future business acquaintance. Standing Wave will make your LinkedIn portrait look your best for your type of business.

Dress for Success

We understand that the perfect business headshot or Linked portrait is different depending on your profession. For actors and musicians, we shoot multiple portraits that capture characters and personality. For professional business types, a well-lit and well-dressed portrait is best. We shoot for the appearance best suited for your line of work.



Seeking Employment

If you want a corporate position, you need to dress for the part. Professional attire and a welcoming smile are important when presenting yourself in your online profile.

Photo Tips

  • Stay away from clothes with busy patterns. Prints and stripes may distract from the main part of the photo, which is your face.
  • Keep make up natural and neutral. If you see a makeup artist before your shoot, let them know you getting a head shot for your LinkedIn portrait so they can give you the right look.
  • Posing Tip: To look relaxed have your arms at your sides. Avoid crossing your arms, which is often seen as off-putting.

The Right Pose

Looking comfortable and natural plays an important role in creating a pleasant-looking LinkedIn portrait. When we think of a mug shot, people are looking straight at the camera, not smiling with sad eyes, and they generally looking nervous. So, we shoot for the opposite – we want you to look relaxed, happy, and as confident as possible.

Our photographer, Lucy Elam, takes care to properly position you to capture the perfect angle, lighting, and position.

Look your best and keep your headshot current. This is important no matter your profession – especially on your LinkedIn portrait. Update your headshots often and utilize online tools to expand opportunities to grow and go further.


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