Lucy Elam, Photographer

Honesty, kindness, and a passion for photography is what you get when you work with Lucy Elam Photography at Standing Wave.

She has the utmost respect for her clients and has an artist’s gift for capturing personality in the moment.

Lucy will make you feel like a model when shooting and her portraits show off all your very best features. She specializes in family photos and professional headshots. See her samples here.

Family Photos With

Lucy Elam Photography

Photos are the best way to preserve fond memories. Capture the styles you wear and the precious faces of your children as they grow up. Photographers like Lucy Elam flawlessly capture these moments that will last in your family for generations.

What Makes A Great Picture?

It takes more than just a smartphone to know how to set up a professional photography shoot.

Sure, technology had come a long way and they cram a ton of megapixels in your phone, but nothing can replace an artist’s eye for color, light, balance, and composition.
As a professional photographer, Lucy uses the finest pieces of photography equipment to produce her stellar photos. Lucy Elam takes all these tools and keeps artistic elements in minds while capturing your image.
Lucy produces smooth, even color across her portraits with professional lights, backdrops, and diffused lighting.
Have you ever noticed that there’s not enough light in the house to ever capture a single proper family photo? Diffuse lighting is a must when taking high-quality photographs. Sometimes, post-production touch-ups are needed to get everything perfect. Post production photo editing will ensure your photos, lighting, faces, and complexion are flawless.
To summarize, the photography at Standing Wave Photography with Lucy Elam as the lead photographer, you can be guaranteed a high resolution, well-lit, artistic photograph. She has the tools and skills to bring your photograph to life. And that your portrait or artistic photo will be loved and hung on the wall for decades to come.
Check out Lucy Elam’s Print Gallery to see more of her work artistic photographs of nature.