Our Garden Studio

Provides You With Magnificant Outdoor Portraits

Standing Wave Photography provides professional and artistic portrait photography. Our garden studio is the ideal space for acquiring an outstanding outdoor portrait. Surround yourself with nature and natural light to create an appealing glow in your resulting photographs portrait. Our tall-grasses, shrubs, and beautiful flowers make a perfect background for any portrait, whether it’s a professional LinkedIn Portrait or a family photo full of energy.

Enjoy having your photo taken surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors.

Naturally Colorful

Every season, our garden has a unique new look, with both changing blooms and weather. Spring brings subtle hues of green, yellow daffodils and brilliant blue hyacinths. Summer bursts into color with purple coneflowers and yellow black-eyed susans. While Autumn creates a seasonal palette of warm tones from golden rod and purple asters. You can’t find better natural colors than ones created by an outdoor portrait.   Depending on the style of your outdoor portrait, we have both a shade garden and a bright prairie garden available for you. Each year, we prepare our garden with several unique natural settings as photo backgrounds. Each distinct area has stunning arrangements of flowers that are perfect for anybody who would love an outdoor portrait in a garden studio.

You may see some more examples of Standing Wave Photography portraits here.

Outdoor Portraits

If you are looking for a natural outdoor scene, our garden studio gives you several settings, including a beautiful outdoor bench for multiple angles and poses. The natural breeze creates calm flowing movement in each photo shot in our outdoor studio.


An outdoor photo shoot brings a welcoming and outgoing feeling that transcends the standard indoor portrait. We provide scenic outdoor portraits for you and your family, friends, engagements, clubs, business professionals, actors, musicians, and more. You may contact our head photographer, Lucy Elam, here.

Stand Out

You will enjoy the final product of our photography because of the bright and natural light. We want our portraits to stand out and capture your personalities through our lenses. We encourage enhancing your photo further with themes, props, flowers to make your photo shoot special.

outdoor portrait studio

If you have questions you may ask them here on our contact page. Before our set up time, we are happy to work with you and your plans for the perfect outdoor portrait.